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Leica Monovid Monocular Review in 2022

leica monovid monocular

This is a comprehensive Leica Monovid review!

This Leica Monovid is ultraportable for your backpack and fits the bill perfectly. Despite being small and compact, you can see bright and clear images during a concert or a sports event. With its 8 x magnification, you can also use it as a spotting scope. Whereas the close-up lens makes it a perfect device for detailed observation like viewing butterflies and insects.

In this Monovid review, we will explore different specs, features, and sizes. 

Leica Monovid Overview

I splurged because I was willing to pay for higher quality and found them to be quality monocular at a medium price range. I was even surprised to see the screw-on macro adapter at this price. This screw helps to see the finest details of the image.

This device is ideally suitable for birders and hikers due to its sleek and lightweight design. This device is versatile in terms of its focus mechanism. It allows you to focus on distant objects and closer objects with ease.

leica monovid monocular

Leica Monovid monocular is made in Portugal and matches all the German manufacturing unit’s quality standards for the cameras and binoculars. It is going to last for a long time to come. 

But there is only one size available in this model, and that is 8×20. It is popular among explorers because of its robust construction, lightweight design, and close focus optics. 

This might not seem enough if you want a device to work with more image details, but it’s perfect for an explorer on the go. 

In the following sections of the Leica Monovid 8×20 monocular review, we will discuss some of this device’s top features. 

Optical performance

Due to AquaDura coating and highly durable coating on the outer lens, you’ll get to see bright and sharp images with absolute clarity.

leica monovid monocular

Lens quality

This Monovid compact monocular comes with roof prism construction that makes it lightweight. It also improves overall light transmission within the device for sharpness and clarity due to its P40 phase coating. 

This device’s optics come with a highly durable coating and AquaDura coating to ensure that the lens stays clear from moisture and dirt and produces sharp images no matter what the light conditions are. 

The scope also comes with an accessory close-up lens. This monocular lens allows you to comfortably see distant objects as close as 25 to 30 cm to ensure you can comfortably see your object with better details. 

Image quality

Overall, the image quality is good due to its 20mm objective lens, which can produce clear and sharp images of distant objects with a real feel, especially if you add the accessory close focus lens. I was able to spot the street artist’s watercolors were legitimate.

The lens can also handle low light conditions at par due to its larger exit pupil of 25 mm and twilight factor of 12.7. It means plenty of light will enter from the tube into your eye.

The images will remain sharp as long as there is plenty of light available, and you won’t have to deal with any color fringing where the edges of the objects begin to blur as the lens fails to focus all the colors at the same point. 

Construction and quality

The overall construction is robust yet lightweight due to the use of aluminum. It grips well in your single hand and is great for using on the go. 

Body and grip

It weighs less than 4 ounces and fits well in your pocket. The device stays close to your fingertips, so you won’t miss any action. Therefore, outdoor enthusiasts on the move will find it very useful. 

Leica has nitrogen purged to make sure that it stays resistant to water and doesn’t allow any fog to occur on the inside. You can easily use it at a depth of 16.5 feet underwater if you want. 

The device comes with decent eye relief, and you can use it with your glasses on. 

Focus wheel and focusing

The Lecia Monovid monocular comes with a pretty easy to access focus wheel. The knob is present right on the center of the device. It means you can easily use the device with one hand. 

The focus mechanism is smooth as well, and no chopping occurs during the scene transitions. Therefore, you won’t have to compromise on any details at any magnification of your target. 

The wheel also has an ergonomic design on it, so moving it with your index finger even with your gloves on won’t be an issue at all. 

Eyecups and lens covers

Most of the Leica monoculars you will find on the market don’t come with their eyepiece and lens covers.

But this is not the case with Leica Monovid monoculars as Leica includes a cover for the close-up lens. These covers are durable and can stay in their place for a long time. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about losing them anytime soon. 

I don’t like the fact that I cannot fold back the rubber cups, which makes it hard to use the device with the glasses. However, you can slide the hood back and forth easily.

Leica Monovid model sizes

The Leica Monovid is available in one size. It is widespread among explorers and outdoor enthusiasts because of its lightweight designs and close-up lens. 

The table below will provide you with a detailed overview of the only size available in this model. 

Monovid 8×20
Objective lens diameter30 mm
Eye relief15 mm
Exit pupil25 mm
Linear field of view361 feet/1000 yards
Angular field of view6.3 degrees
Close focus5.9 feet
Dimensions (Height/Width)7.0 x 4.0 inches
Weight4 oz
HandheldEasy to hold

Leica Monovid 8X20 monocular

Hikers, campers, and birders will love using this device due to its compact size and quick action. It comes with robust construction and is suitable to be used in all terrains and weather conditions.

The screw-in lens of the Leica Monovid 8×20 monocular would make it a close-up viewing accessory. A close focus range is less than 6 feet, so you can use it for insects and butterflies and even small bird viewing with ease. 

The Monovid 8×20 has a larger field of view of 361 feet at 1000 yards for better situational awareness, and you can close up on distant objects by quickly spotting them if they are spread in a larger area. 

Eye relief is only 15mm and could have been better, especially if you use spectacles, but it still works out and is comfortable enough to use due to the wider FoV. 

Leica Monovid Warranty

This Leica monocular comes with a warranty of 2 years, and that is standard on all products from the brand, including the binoculars, cameras, and other items. 

This warranty covers all the defects associated with the quality of the materials and the monoculars’ craftsmanship. The warranty, however, excludes loss or theft, or cosmetic alteration, either intentional or unintentional, that is affecting the performance of the product.  

This warranty isn’t that much, especially if you compare Leica with other brands like Vortex or Leupold, offering unlimited lifetime warranties. So, this is one of the weak points for Leica despite having flawless construction quality.


The warranty could be better. Despite having a top-notch construction quality, the brand only provides a 2-year warranty on all its products. 

Although Leica has slipped in a nice wrist strap, I’d have preferred if there was a neck strap. The Monovid is only available in a single size, and that’s it. Apart from that, there isn’t much to hate about this Leica Monovid. 

What’s included in the box?

The package contains almost everything that you need to use your monocular. The only issue is with the warranty that is pretty much on the low side compared to the Vortex and Leupold’s likes.

Leica could have also slipped in a neck strap instead of a wrist strap because using it with a neck lanyard would have been more practical as the device becomes easy to access and use on the field. 

Leica Monovid User Reviews

The Leica Monovid monoculars come with an average user rating of 5.0 stars which is impressive. 

Most users loved how lightweight this ocular device is and that it’s great for various outdoor activities. Several people have also talked about the fact that this device is a great choice for using low-light conditions thanks to its large exit pupil. 

However, people also complained about the package not having a neck lanyard in it. And this device should have come with a much bigger warranty from Leica. 

I had been eyeing this monocular for a while now and recently decided to buy it despite its high cost. A high-quality optic, yet small and light, was required to fit in my shirt pocket with a lightweight neck strap around my neck.

I have used it for some time in different scenarios, for instance, sightseeing, traveling, hiking, and hunting. First, I am fortunate to own a few high-end binoculars, including a Leica 10×50 Ultravid and a Zeiss Victory 8×20 compact. 

It is against these binos that I compared the monocular. The monovid is lightweight and very clear and worked surprisingly well in low light. The adjustment wheel is smooth and easy to use, and the eye relief worked well with or without eyeglasses. 

Since it’s a monocular, the field of view is compromised compared to a pair of binoculars. It is expensive. I can accept that, given the quality, but it doesn’t come with a neck strap or front lens cover. 

You have to buy those separately. These should be included at this price. 

That being said, this tiny optic is impressive and exhibits a very high build quality with excellent optics. I did buy the Leica neck strap and a front lens cover. The lens cover was from Butler Creek. 

Designed for a small scope, get size 02A, it fits perfectly, although you have to take it off to get the monovid back in its case. It comes with a magnifying lens that works well. Overall I am happy with this little unit.

Whether or not this item is worthwhile for you to purchase depends on what you want to do. I use optics for various purposes and don’t think I could get by with just one. 

For example, when I go hunting, I sit looking through my Ultravids for a long time. The Monovid wouldn’t be good for that. 

That being said, I went into a wooded thicket the other day, and the Monovid came along so I could scan the forest looking for deer standing motionless. 

It worked great for that. It’s also great for route finding for the hiker or bringing things in closer when traveling. I recommend the product as it is excellent.

Whether it will serve your purpose, you will have to weigh your needs.

-From OpticsPlanet


If, for some reason, you didn’t like this Leica monocular, here are some alternatives for you to consider. 

Zeiss 10×25 B Design Monocular

The Zeiss 10×25 B Design monocular comes with good magnification and a big objective lens, so it will be sharp and clear when it comes to image productions. Moreover, the device works well in low-light conditions. 

Vortex Recon 15×50 R/T Tactical Monocular

The Vortex Recon monocular is a more tactical device suitable for avid hunters and serious applications. It comes with a tactical reticle that will allow you to measure the distance between you and your target. This device is superb in low-light conditions. 

FLIR Systems Scout TK Mini Thermal Monocular

Looking for a thermal imager, then consider opting for the Flir Scout TK. It also features a thermal camera that takes photos and records videos, and you can conveniently use this lightweight design on the go. This device is extremely user-friendly. 


I found this Leica Monovid to be a high-quality and useful device for concerts, sporting events, and the go due to its lightweight design and quick action. It also works at par during low light conditions. With the close focus lens accessory, you can assess a distant object with finer details.

There is only one size available in this model, the 8×20, and it’s a top choice for a variety of outdoor excursions, whether you are watching the wildlife or enjoying a sporting event. 

You can purchase Leica directly online or in-store, or you can purchase from one of the brand’s authorized dealers located across the country.

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