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Top Online Fortune Teller Sites 2022: Find Free, Accurate, Real Psychic Readings

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The unpredictability of life, especially in these trying times, can leave you feeling overwhelmed and terrified. That’s why most individuals today consult online fortune tellers to get an insight into their future.

Yes! There are certain things people prefer not to know, but there are many other life events and situations that individuals can change their course of- in the best way possible with just a little bit of insight.

Fortune telling helps to bring to light those blind spots you cannot see. As such, you can find answers to your most pressing questions and make informed decisions for your future.

However, finding the best fortune-telling website can be challenging. It’s difficult to identify which online fortune telling service is genuine when there are so many in the market. While it’s true that some fortune tellers want to use their psychic ability to help you, others are out there to steal your hard-earned money. So how do you select the right site?

I am Garth Clifford, and I’ve tested several fortune-telling sites to determine the genuine and absolutely the best ones. While some websites are not worth your time and money, others have amazing fortune-tellers who provide accurate readings.

Here, you will find a list of my top fortune-telling sites that will provide you with some insights into your future at the most affordable rates. Let’s dive in!

Best Fortune Telling Sites – March 2022

  • Purple Garden: Best Overall for Love Fortune Telling (3 Minutes + 75% Off)
  • Ask Now: Comprehensive Fortune Telling Readings (10 Minutes for $1.99)

1. Purlple Garden: Best Overall for Love Fortune Telling

Established in 1989, Psychic Source is perhaps the oldest and the best fortune teller site in the market. It’s an excellent platform to get an insight into your future. For over 30 years, people have been turning to the site for guidance and knowledge, especially on love matters. At the Psychic Source, you’ll access their best fortune tellers via video, phone, or live chat.

The platform’s talented psychics possess different gifts to fit the needs of every client. The fortune-tellers use several methods to provide clients assistance, including tarot cards, interpretation of dreams, energy work, spiritual readings, past life reading, cartomancy, astrology, and numerology.

As we said earlier, the site is ideal for individuals seeking love readings. Their readers will dive deep into your future to find out if there’s someone special for you or if your current relationship might become something serious.

What’s even better, Psychic Source values the privacy and security of its customers. It makes use of advanced software to protect user data online. Predictions at the site are well priced, particularly for new members. First-time users will enjoy an introductory offer of $1 as well as 3 free minutes for their first reading. Besides that, the site comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Diverse divination methods are available
  • Reading conducted via chat, phone, or video
  • Over 300 highly skilled psychics to choose from
  • New clients enjoy 3 free minutes, plus low introductory fees
  • The best site for relationship insights and romance queries


Visit PurpleGarden today

2. Keen: Comprehensive Fortune Telling Readings 

In these unsettling times, most individuals seek fortune tellers to receive guidance and direction on various issues plaguing them. Sadly, not everyone can afford the services provided by psychics. That’s where Keen comes in. For over 20 years, Keen has provided psychic services to people on a tight budget. It offers its services via phone or chat. It also has a mobile app that provides users with insights into their issues.

Keen boasts over 1,700 psychic experts who are all reviewed and top-rated by an ever-growing community of members. The experts specialize in a wide selection of methods and categories, such as dream interpretation, angel cards, aura cleansing, cartomancy, etc. So whether you’re looking for tarot readers or love psychics, Keen got you covered.

You can find your ideal psychic advisor based on the area of interest, desired reading style, price, means of contact, and more through a unique, interactive tool.

The best part is seekers of psychic services remain anonymous. The website will not share your fortune-teller reading or any other personal information. This reliable fortune-telling service guarantees users accurate readings at an affordable price. Therefore, if you need insight into certain issues in your life, Keen is the site to visit. You’ll find guidance even when you’re on a tight budget.

Keen guarantees its members 100% satisfaction. For only $1.99, you can enjoy a 10-minute reading. In addition, if you visit them today, you can enjoy a special offer of 3 minutes of free service, regardless of the method.


  • Covers several categories, including Fortune Telling, Astrology, Mediums, and more
  • Users receive accurate insights into career, financial, life, and love issues
  • 100% private and confidential
  • New members enjoy 10-minute psychic reading for only $1.99
  • Fortune reading methods available via phone and chat


Visit Keen today

3. Kasamba: Diverse Divination Approaches 

Do you desire a deep glimpse into your future? Fortune-tellers from Kasamba will help you. Starting in 1999, Kasamba has into one of the most popular psychic services in the world. It links users to talented fortune tellers, future tellers, and psychics through online chat and email. These advisors come from all over the world. You can visit their profile pages to learn more about the methods they use so you can make an informed selection.

The website comes with a great team of experts who offer different psychic specialties from which you can select. The specialties include rune casting, aura readings, crystal reading, dream analysis, tarot readings, and much more.

If you desire some insight into your career or financial journey, stop by Kasamba. Most of Kasamba’s readers are well-versed in financial and work-related issues. Individuals who wish to know the direction of their career or finances will find guidance here.

Kasamba clients benefit from live connectivity with advisors since it allows them to connect effectively and exchange their data and emotions. This, combined with their financial foretelling process, has positioned the site as a one-stop shop for customers.

The fortune-telling websites offer clients several prices range that fit any budget. Additionally, the psychic profiles feature the rate the advisor charges per minute as well as reviews and ratings. Every 3 minutes of the psychic reading session is free, and if you’re not satisfied, Kasamba will refund you. First-time members also get a 75% off.


  • Expert psychics with several years of experience
  • Users can select from a broad selection of readers, ranging from fortune tellers to card readers.
  • Categories covered include fortune telling, financial forecasts, career forecasts, and more.
  • Get three free minutes with every new psychic advisor
  • First-time clients enjoy a 75% off on their first meeting


Visit Kasamba today


Who is More Accurate? An Online Fortune Teller or the Fortune Teller Near Me?

The accuracy of a fortune teller and psychics has been a matter of debate for many years. Some individuals swear by their gifts, while others doubt their accuracy at foretelling the future. Even in movies, we’ve seen certain fortune tellers–gypsies mostly- who possess powers out of this world and con artists posing as fortune-tellers and pretending to read signs just to swindle people.

In real life, we have true fortune-tellers and tricksters too. The same applies to the thousands of fortune-tellers found online. The prediction’s accuracy depends mainly on the fortune-teller, not whether the session was conducted via the internet or in person. True fortune tellers don’t care about how their clients make ends meet. They don’t judge.

The upside of using online fortune tellers is that you can read several user reviews and ratings and decide if an advisor is right for you. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with a fortune teller near you.

Keep in mind that a reliable and trustworthy fortune teller is the one who ensures you’re feeling comfortable during and after the session. Furthermore, local fortune tellers are not usually accessible in every region. So, check out our client reviews and recommended fortune-telling sites to access experienced and accurate fortune tellers at the comfort of your home. What’s even more exciting, you’ll remain anonymous.

Key Things to Keep in Mind Before Talking to a Fortune Teller Online

Before seeking guidance from a fortune teller online, read reviews and check out their ratings. Top online psychics and readers have profiles that allow you to see the experiences of previous clients. It’s also wise to search for a fortune-teller who specializes in your area of interest. As such, you can find a reputable advisor who understands your issue. A relationship reading will not do you any good if you’re having a career or financial questions that you need answers to.

If you want a fortune-teller to read your future, you’re better off settling for a free online reading. It’s a cheaper and more convenient solution. What’s even better, your reading will remain private and anonymous. Besides that, the risk of taking the session is low–you’ll receive free guidance, which you can choose to follow or not. Try the sites we’ve mentioned since they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you don’t feel connected with your psychic advisor.

Can You Find Love Through Fortune Telling?

Have you ever had some bad luck with relationships that made you doubt if you’ll ever find true love? Did you consult a fortune-teller to find out what the future holds for you? Or are you still considering that option?

Well, genuine fortune-tellers might have the answers you seek. Depending on the depth of the insight, some advisors might even provide you with your future lover’s name and even when you’ll meet the individual.

Others can describe the physical characteristic or personality of your one true love. The fortune teller may advise you to change certain behaviors to increase your chance of finding love. In a way, these experts can increase your chances of meeting your true love by suggesting you drop things that are holding you back. As you can see, fortune-tellers can influence your love life in several ways.

Search online for a fortune teller with a proven track record of accurate and reliable readings, primarily if you’re focusing on your love life. Read reviews and check ratings of the best love fortune-tellers and select the best.

How Can Fortune-Tellers Predict the Future?

Fortune tellers across cultures all over the world use the same divinations methodologies to predict the future. So, it doesn’t matter whether you get your readings in person or online. Your future is like the last page of a book, meaning it’s already written. Therefore, you only need a genuine fortune teller who knows how to read it.

Fortune tellers adopt different reading methods. Some read teas or tasseography, while others use cartomancy (reading of tarot cards or any cards) to get insights into your life. We also have those who cast runes, consult crystal balls or read palms.

Besides that, these advisors have varying gifts and methods of conducting a detailed reading of your future. One such gift is clairvoyance- a gift that allows them to see things invisible to others. Another one is Clairaudience – the gift of hearing sounds of spirits from other planes of existence. Lastly, we have Extrasensory perception- it’s the sixth sense of gift to access details that the other five senses can’t receive.

Keep in mind that fortune-tellers vary. Everyone has different methods of reading your future. Nevertheless, you can get an insight into your future, irrespective of the method used.

What’s The Cost of a Fortune Telling Service?

The price of fortune-telling services varies depending on the site. However, several websites offer free psychic sessions, but they’re vague readings that don’t provide you with any useful insights. It’s also implausible that Instagram or Twitter memes or other unreliable sources can offer you useful, reliable information about your future.

Compared to face-to-face readings, online fortune-telling is way cheaper. Besides that, you can access the services anytime, anywhere via phone or live chat. So if you desire to access a fortune-telling service, but you’re on a tight budget, then online psychic sites are your best bet.

Do you have any queries about your relationship, financial status, or overall life? Then, you might need to seek the help of an online fortune teller. Online fortune tellers can provide you with insights about your current issues and your future through various divinations methodologies. We hope our recommendations will help you find the answers you seek, and best of luck!

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